Retrace is an an annual event I proposed, to raise awareness about the Daintree Rainforest and its inhabitants such as the Cassowary; a keystone species of the Rainforest ecosystem.

Retrace aims to reconnect the physical and mental pathways from the rainforest to the cities.

For this particular event, Retrace attempts to connect people of the corporate world to this amazing Daintree Rainforest through a multi-sensory experience of this environment.

This multi-sensory experience can boost company morale and increase the productivity of company employees. Something that is very beneficial to the well-being of the employees and extremely valuable to the productivity of the company also.

The corporate can be part of this event through sponsorship of Rainforest Rescue; a not for profit organisation, protecting the rainforests forever.

Retrace is set up annually on National Tree Day, at planting sites around the CBD. The participating company meets at the site for morning tea and later gets their hands dirty for a ritual tree planting.

Getting involved in Retrace also fulfills (Corporate Social Responsibility), which circulates a good reputation within the community for companies that are involved.

Each year a take home gift is supplied to the attendees. These gifts hold good memories, and bring a multi-sensory diet back to the office.

“If  we once and for so long, lived in balance with nature and each other, we should be able to do so again.”   – John Zerzan.

This is one of the table top artworks which is used at the event. The table top is a removable artwork which is a memento that can be easily transported back to be displayed in the white walled office. The table top and folding legs are made from FSC certified materials.

Retrace (table top): FSC certified wood, with hand painted surface

Why Retrace?

For most people living in the cities, and particularly those working 5 days in an office; a lack of a multi-sensory diet is common. A multi-sensory diet involves engagement with our five senses in order to maintain a general sense of well being.

These 5 senses include sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.

In a corporate setting employees are typically working in ‘white-walled’ environments that impede on engaging with these 5 senses. This environment can lead to poor motivation among employees, thus restricting the productivity of the employee, and therefore the productive potential of the company also.

One environment which can alleviate this is the Rainforest. The Rainforest is rich with sensory experience and Retrace can bring this experience to you!

On a very important note…in the last couple of years, the Australian Daintree Rainforest has been in the news for having plant species which potentially could cure some cancers. An amazing discovery, that could only exist from its 135 million year existence; which has lead to some of the world’s most sophisticated natural defense mechanisms to evolve. Therefore the ritual of Retrace plays a very significant role in allowing such medical breakthroughs to be discovered.

I strongly believe the act of raising awareness through experiential design like Retrace; has the power to change perspectives and create empathy for environments such as the Daintree; This is an environment we cannot live without, an environment that needs to be nurtured in order for it to nurture us.

As an addition to the Retrace project, I created a luminous wallpaper design to be applied as a feature wall in a white walled office environment. This was digitally freehand drawn.

botanical wallpaper

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